Emergency Management and Emergency Services

We Specialize In Keeping You Compliant

Compliance for airports is complex. The benefits of outsourcing to The Loomex Group include the diversified team of professionals with experience in airports, emergency planning, first response, health and safety, fire and regulations.

With knowledge of the current regulations governing municipalities, airports, medical facilities, and hospitals, we can help you in developing, managing and exceeding your airport compliance requirements.

We partner with our clients to offer continuity and cost savings, allowing you to focus on the primary operations.

Engaging our services provides you access to an array of expertise at a fraction of the cost to hire individual consultants in the same fields.


  • Emergency and Risk Management Plans
  • Airport Feasibility Studies
  • Business and Economic Development Services
  • Conflict Resolutions
  • Master Plans
  • Compliance, Audits and Safety Management Systems
  • Design and Testing of Emergency and Risk Management Plan
  • Incident Management Systems (IMS)

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Emergency Management

New experiences provide opportunities for learning. If a pandemic or large scale emergency occurs, every business, municipality or institution will have to thoughtfully debrief and evaluate their response.

The Loomex Group has extensive experience in helping to navigate best practices and creating or amending existing response plans.

We want to help you with your Emergency Response Plans, scribe (note-taking), documentation, debriefing, after-action reporting, business continuity, staff health and wellness, pandemic planning, large-scale emergency response exercise, or Business Resumption Plans. We believe there have been lessons learned that need to become a part of your organizational culture as the world continues to experience larger and more unique events.


  • Emergency Management 101
  • Incident Management 101
  • IMS 200
  • Emergency Operations Centre
  • Exercise Design
  • Teamwork in the Emergency Operations Centre
  • Incident Action Plans
  • Conducting an Operations Cycle
  • Scribe Note-taking
  • Crisis Communications
  • Radio Communications
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Human Factors
  • Emergency Operations Centre Position Training
  • 6 Exercises in 24 hours
  • 3-day Emergency Management Training
  • Emergency Social Services (Municipal Only)

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