Indigenous Communities

The Loomex Group offers a wide array of services which are determined by what best suits individual communities. In working with Indigenous communities, The Loomex Group understands the importance of building relationships grounded in a commitment to reconciliation and respect.

Our approach and team expertise in working with Indigenous communities brings industry, community, and government together to move forward collaboratively and constructively. We ensure that space is created for the voices of the leaders in the community.


  • Pandemic Response Planning and Training
  • Emergency Management Planning and Training
  • Policy Development
  • Protocol Development
  • Event Support
  • Safety Measure Support and Facilitation
  • Emergency Event Consultation
  • Community Outreach, Media, and Communication Management

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For more information on services that we can offer to Indigenous communities, please contact:

Trent Gervais,

President & CEO
(705) 917-1547