For Immediate Release

June 27, 2022

Jean-François Ouellet joins Explorer Solutions as Director of Consulting and Innovation

Mr. Trent Gervais, President of Explorer Solutions and Mr. Normand Landry, Vice-President Consulting and Airports are extremely proud and happy to announce the appointment and arrival of Mr. Jean-François Ouellet as Director of Consulting and Innovation. Mr. Ouellet, who until recently directed the destiny of the Sherbrooke Airport, is recognized within the industry as a leader and an actor of change who combines competence and dynamism. Within Explorer Solutions, he will lead and supervise the consulting team which includes all airport consulting, training, operations and compliance activities. He will participate in the development of business strategy and play an active role in customer relations and development in the Quebec and pan-Canadian market.

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The Loomex Group presents:

Leading Through Crisis: Strengthening Personal Resilience

 June 17, 2022

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May 16, 2022

The Loomex Group joins Babcock Leonardo Canadian Aircrew Training on bid for Canada’s Future Aircrew Training Program

Babcock Leonardo Canadian Aircrew Training is delighted to announce, The Loomex Group, a
leading Canadian aviation and emergency management specialist, as a strategic partner on the
bid-team for Canada’s Future Aircrew Training (FAcT) program.

Drawing upon decades of unparalleled international experience, in-depth knowledge, and a
proven track record of building and supporting aircrew training solutions, Babcock Leonardo
Canadian Aircrew Training will lead the development of a modern Canadian military aircrew
training infrastructure, centered on supporting students and instructors, involving local partners,
and aligned with Canada’s strategic and economic priorities.

The full announcement is available for download.

For Immediate Release

May 2, 2022

The Loomex Group Acquires Aerospace Defence Contractor ACF Associates Inc.

Effective today, The Loomex Group – a team of airport, aerospace, economic
development, and emergency management experts based in Peterborough, Ontario – is
acquiring the aerospace defence consulting leader ACF Associates Inc. The move to
acquire the Kingston-based company will further The Loomex Group’s vision of best
serving the aerospace and aviation industries throughout North America and abroad.

Full details about this exciting venture are included in the media release available for download.

Amelia Valenti

Loomex Group’s new private school will take flight next month at the Peterborough Airport

August 18, 2021


The new private school will offer specialized learning following Arrowsmith closure in Peterborough.


Chad Buchner’s child was flourishing at the Arrowsmith School in Peterborough.

Their confidence and independence quickly grew, and through a specialized, hands-on approach to learning — a departure from what’s offered in the public system — they began to thrive. But the progress soon came to a halt.

Faced with enrolment setbacks brought on by the pandemic, the Parkhill Road East private school for students with learning disabilities was forced to close its doors in March after operating in the area for 15 years.

“It was pretty tough. You see your child really enjoying school; you see your child start- ing to turn a corner and thrive. To have that go away was challenging,” Buchner said. 

Buchner and other parents and families impacted by the school’s closure were left wondering how they’d fill the void. While students could still access Arrowsmith programming online, many parents wanted to see a continuation of customized, in-person programming— an educational approach that catered to the unique needs of their children.

They came up with an idea.

Parents asked Amelia Valenti, The Loomex Group’s director of education, training, and organizational wellness, to provide Arrowsmith programming at the organization’s Peterborough Airport headquarters. The Loomex Group manages the airport, specializing in aviation and emergency preparedness.

Valenti, a former teacher, consultant and coach with 20-plus years of experience in education, agreed, and Loomex Group’s president and CEO Trent Gervais signed off on the initiative.

The new private school currently dubbed the Learning Centre — will take flight this fall.

“We will be offering full-time Arrowsmith programming,” said Valenti. “Everyone is really excited about this venture.”

In year one of the new school, the Learning Centre will open its doors at the Peterborough Airport grounds for about 20 students between Grades 5 and 10.

Students can expect an “experiential” approach to learning with a focus on aviation, according to Valenti.

“We want to connect practical, real-life applications to every skill and strategy learned by students,” Valenti said.

“That could look like connecting with businesses at the airport; talking to staff; exploring some of the equipment — we may have classes in flight simulators or at the airport’s command post. There’s a wide range of learning environments and opportunities.”

The curriculum, which includes mindfulness exercises along with literacy and numeration components will be delivered to students at an existing. Loomex Group classroom. Outside of the classroom, students will engage in outdoor education and physical activity.

Valenti, who is assuming teacher-principal duties, will be joined by a former Arrowsmith School instructor. The Learning Centre is intentionally starting off with small classroom sizes to ensure students receive ample time and attention from teachers.

“For the families of students, it’s an amazing relief to know there’s still going to be a very caring and supportive learning environment for their children where they know they’re going to get the best care possible,” Valenti said.

For Buchner, the Learning Centre is a “perfect match” for his child, who is now enrolled in the new private school. Buchner said small class sizes, coupled with the school’s flexible and adaptive approach to cognitive learning will foster a “sense of belonging and a sense of community connection” for his child and other students who have unique educational needs.

“My child really flourished in understanding ‘hey, I’m not the only one that learns uniquely,’” Buchner said.

A Learning Centre open house will be held at the Loomex Group site at the Peterborough Airport on Aug. 30 from 5 to 7 p.m.

To learn more contact:

Amelia Valenti
Director of Education, Training & Organizational Wellness
925-550 Airport Rd, Peterborough, ON, K9J 0E7
M: 249-387-0807

The Loomex Group Teams Help Fight Northern Wildfires

July 21, 2021


The Loomex Group has sent a team of locally based emergency responders to northwestern Ontario to help First Nation evacuees forced from their homes due to raging wildfires. 


An eight-member team, mostly made up of Peterborough-based professionals, was deployed to Dryden, Ont. on July 10.