Dustin Gervais

Director, Infrastructure Services

Dustin oversees infrastructure projects on behalf of The Loomex Group with a team comprised of qualified heavy equipment operators.  He has managed multiple national fleets overseeing technical operations and project management. Dustin’s dedication to his team was the effort of countless hours and the drive to develop and manage a cohesive team. His eye for detail and ability to work under pressure in high-stress situations has led him to desire to develop and motivate others around the topic of safety and preparedness. Dustin also has a strong mechanical background, working previously as a truck and coach mechanic, heavy-duty recovery, rigging and accident scene management; and a 12-volt systems technician.

Dustin implements the operational training programs, infrastructure upgrade projects, equipment transportation services, facility maintenance and continuously improves standards. Dustin’s passion for the inner workings of a functional and prosperous business drives him every day to strive for a team full of leadership and initiative.