Emergency Training in the North

Over the course of a couple weeks in May The Loomex Team ventured into Northern Ontario to conduct emergency training at a number of Northern Airports. One of the Airports we visited was The Greenstone Regional Airport where a dynamic team of Airport and municipal staff and first responders tested their plans in the event of an airport emergency. For full coverage of this event please click here.

GTAA working With The Peterborough Airport

Earlier this month Trent was featured in a Peterborough Chamber- Business 911 segment. Take a look at what we are working on with the GTAA (Greater Toronto Airport Authority).

Media Day for our Emergency Flight Simulator

Loomex welcomed local media channels to get a first hand experience with our new Jetstar Simulator. The 13 passenger fuselage is available to be used during our emergency exercises, adding a level of realism for those participating and need to respond in the event a plane does crash. Below is the news release from the media launch event that took place in November.


Our New Exercise Jet Simulator is Ready for Takeoff!

After over two years of preparations and planning we are thrilled to launch our new JetStar Simulator. The fuselage simulator is the first of its kind if Canada and is set up to resemble a private jet that can be staged virtually anywhere a forklift or crane can place it. It is incredibly useful in providing the trainees with a sense of realism during their exercises. For further information, please click HERE

Fun at the Parade

On December 3rd we were able to be part of the annual Peterborough Santa Claus Parade. A lot of great ideas and hard work went into creating our float. The theme for the parade was Christmas at the Movies and we chose the movie Sully for our float. It was a great opportunity to feature our fuselage. Thanks to everyone who helped with the float and joined us on the night of the parade!

Loomex Joyfully Celebrates the Upcoming Holidays in Style

November 29th we hosted our annual all staff Christmas dinner. The evening was full of good company, many laughs and great food! This annual staff dinner is a perfect time for all of us to gather and reflect on the past year and celebrate our staff and successes.


Thank you to everyone who helped with the planning and preparation for the evening and a special thanks to everyone who was able to join us for a great night!

The New Jet Simulator is Taking off

We are so excited to be featured in Skies Daily News for our one of a kind Jet Simulator. The jet simulator is a project that Trent Gervais, our CEO, started over 2 years ago. It was designed to be portable and versatile to provide our clients with a realistic experience during their training.


For the full article please click HERE

Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport Tests their Emergency Plan

On October 15th The Loomex Group facilitated an emergency exercise at Billy Bishop Airport that was designed to test the Airport’s Emergency Response Plan. The exercise involved numerous agencies at the airport such as fire, police and airport management, to list a few. Loomex came equipped with a command post, mock plane wreckage, a simulator jet and a group of volunteers that provided the participants with a more realistic and hands on experience throughout the exercise.  The day ran smoothly and was a great success for all agencies involved.

Loomex is Adding Another Director!

We are thrilled to be welcoming Lorne Kelsey to The Loomex Group! He will be starting with us on October 22nd, filling the position of Director, Business Development.

Lorne brings expertise in business management as well as sales and marketing experience to his role. His knowledge of Aviation and the Peterborough Airport and community, enhances his interactions with clients when discussing opportunities to build on, or attract new ventures.

Welcome to The Loomex Group!

Scribe Training with Hydro 1

Another successful Scribe training course today. The Loomex Team was working in Barrie with an All-Star Team from Hydro 1 who scored the highest mark on the Inquiry exercise ever given. Great job everyone!