Professional Learning

The Loomex Group provides professional learning services and specialized education for organizations, including municipalities, airports, industrial, private or professional organizations. Our educators have years of experience providing the services in their fields that become the subjects they teach; our philosophy is that if you haven’t lived it, how can you teach it.

Our education sessions are engaging and interactive, combining theory, exercises and practical sessions. Our education sessions can be uniquely customized to each organization and client’s needs.


  • Emergency and Risk Management Plans
  • Airport Feasibility Studies
  • Business and Economic Development Services
  • Conflict Resolutions
  • Master Plans
  • Compliance, Audits and Safety Management Systems
  • Design and Testing of Emergency and Risk Management Plan
  • Incident Management Systems (IMS)


  • Emergency Management 101
  • Incident Management 101
  • IMS 200
  • Emergency Operations Centre
  • Exercise Design
  • Teamwork in the Emergency Operations Centre
  • Incident Action Plans
  • Conducting an Operations Cycle
  • Scribe Note-taking
  • Crisis Communications
  • Radio Communications
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Human Factors
  • Emergency Operations Centre Position Training
  • 6 Exercises in 24 hours
  • 3-day Emergency Management Training
  • Emergency Social Services (Municipal Only)
Professional Learning and education training sessions offered in-person or virtually and tailored to meet client needs.

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Professional Learning

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