Leadership During a Crisis

by | Feb 24, 2023 | Uncategorized

Your team expects strong, unwavering leadership during a crisis; your team needs to know that regardless of the problem, duration or the impact, that they can count on their leader to get them through it.

The COVID-19 response is far from over, and as expected, many are feeling emotionally and physically exhausted. If leaders are not already doing so, they need to start cycling themselves and staff out of key positions to ensure the sustainability of the team.

Exercise and proper nutrition are incredibly important. Exercise helps to clear the mind and creates endorphins that provide you with the fuel to foster good decision making. After a few weeks of eating fast food such as pizza and subs, it can grow tiring. Choosing healthier alternatives to fuel the body will help keep your team healthy.

As a leader, it is okay to recognize that you need to step away for a few days to recharge. Your team is well-trained, and you can trust them. Keep in mind that you have yet to reach the recovery phase. Recovery will require all hands-on-deck to help your organization return to the “new normal”.

Leaders are often surrounded by great colleagues, networks and associations. Now and again, check-in with those who you trust to validate your decision making. After a few weeks, you may start questioning your decision making.

No doubt you have been putting in long hours which can impact your family as well. Ensure you take some time with them; they need you now just as much as you need them.

The Loomex Group Team continues to be here for you. Feel free to reach out anytime for an ear to bend or a request for service. The number one priority for our team during these unique times is YOU.

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