Response Phase – Addressing the Risk of Staff Wellness

A suggestion during the response phase of the pandemic is to address the risk of staff wellness and what action steps you may choose to assist them during this time. Below is an example.

Identify the risks

Make recommended Actions

Provide Possible Actions to Mitigate Risk

Risk #1 Description:During an activation, people go through a wave of emotions. They may feel fatigued, angry, sad, a sense of falling behind with tasks, and they may also be afraid of catching Covid-19.
Recommended ActionsMonitor staff and evaluate the implications of the crisis and how it is affecting their wellbeing.  
Examples:Give staff the opportunity to vent and share their experiences Where possible, provide time-off.

It is okay to let people go home. This is a time like no other.
Promote healthy nutrition and physical activity.

Getting outdoors has been proven to boost mental well-being.

Laughter is shown to effect mood. Try to encourage having a few laughs.

Encourage staff to take regular breaks and practice self-care.

Check in with your staff often. Ask them how they are doing and if they need anything. This can go a long way!

Encourage staff to detach from electronics as much as possible.

Anxiety and stress can develop from fear of the unknown.

Provide staff with information from accurate sources based on evidence.
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