Crisis Communication Training

Date: December 5, 2018
Location: Peterborough, ON
                    Loomex Head Office, Peterborough Airport
Cost: $245 + HST


This interactive course teaches participants how to deal with all aspects of Crisis Communication during an emergency or large-scale event. We will train you to be comfortable dealing with local, national, on-line and social media to get your message heard. We will train you to communicate with the community and the media in an effective way that is planned and proactive, not reactive. Techniques include interactive scrum and interview sessions with follow-up critique.

This course includes the following topics:
● Dealing with Traditional Media Outlets
● News Conferences – how to plan an effective news conference
● Media Releases – how to prepare appropriate media releases
● Social Media – the “good”; the “bad”; and the “ugly”.  Real examples demonstrate how social media can both help and hinder operations
● Interviewing – live on camera practical exercises
● Interactive Media Scenarios – how effective Crisis Communication can make or break the public’s perception during an emergency
● Media Relations – how to handle media during the “what if…?” questions

Participants of this course will come away with the ability to confidently respond to the public and the media in stressful situations. This course is designed to be interactive with use of multimedia tools to keep you engaged, including:

● On camera video interviews
● Use of video examples to show you the importance of communicating during an emergency
● The use of social media examples
● Exercises to allow your staff to perform duties

The course ends with a mock press conference with a scrum and an interview panel where participants can demonstrate the skills they have gained.

Following the course you will have the ability to:
● Deal with the media and the public with confidence
● Use social media to monitor and respond to public inquiries
● Understand the importance of communicating during an emergency
● Prepare spokespeople for media inquiries and interview
● Organize a press conference
● Prepare organized and concise communications which are essential during the span of an emergency or large scale event.