Scribe/ Note-taking Training

Offering SCRIBE TRAINING in communities throughout Ontario!

View the details regarding this one-day, much in demand, course HERE and contact us at or, 705.775.5022 to set up a training day in your community!

Our scribe can be customized to first responders, fire, public works, education facilities, EMS, police and more! The course is 30% lecture, 70% hands on.  Participants have the option of fire, a shooter, or large scale disaster for the final exercise.

 Course Details:

After an incident, you will likely be interviewed as part of an investigation, an insurance claim, an inquiry or, in a review by your employer. You may later be required to testify in court, before a tribunal or at an inquiry.  Learning proper documentation techniques will prepare students to professionally present themselves and to provide accurate information in these circumstances.  This one-day course includes the following topics:

  • How, When and Why to Make Notes?
  • What to Expect During the Investigation?
  • What to Expect at an Inquiry/Discovery?
  • Case-studies – relating to scribing
  • Exercises – relating to documentation/scribing
  • Master Event Logs vs. Personal Event Logs – which one to use and when?

Target Audience:

  • Chiefs and Management Team personnel of first response agencies such as Fire, Police, Paramedic, Public Works;
  • Community Emergency Management Coordinators (CEMC) and Alternates;
  • Directors and staff of emergency preparedness at educational institutions;
  • Incident Management System (IMS) and Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) personnel including CAO and elected officials;
  • Members of emergency management program committees;
  • School board management personnel;
  • Health Unit and Health Services management personnel;
  • Members of emergency management program committees;
  • Personnel responsible for emergency management programs within their organizations in the Private Sector and Non-Government Organizations;

Scribe/Note-Taking for ManufacturersScribe for Manufactuers Promo[3]

Following a major event including a plant emergency, employee accident, work stoppage or regulatory inspection, it is highly probable that you and your team will be interviewed as part of an investigation, an insurance claim, be issued a compliance order or be required to participate in a company review.

You may later be required to testify in court, before an inquiry or provide input into an internal investigation. Learning proper documentation techniques will prepare participants to professionally present themselves and to provide accurate information in these circumstances.

Who Should Attend:

Multiple members of your team who can be called upon immediately to record incidents as they occur. This can include members of your health and safety team, union representatives, Human Resources or members of the management team who would have a non-decision making role during an event.

What you will learn:

This one day course includes the following topics:

• Demonstrate the skills and techniques learned to write more efficient and standardized notes

• Prepare notes that are professional and credible

• Exhibit an increased awareness and value of good note taking to ensure successful job performance

• Develop multiple strategies to become an efficient and skillful note taker

• Review and organize notes for retention