Loomex Property Management Team

Cindy Chilton

Director, Property Management

CindyCindy Chilton has been dedicated to ensuring safety and security in a well-maintained environment at the Peterborough Airport for more than 9 years. In her role at the airport, Cindy has worked with tenants, airport users, constructions teams, event organizers and staff to manage and coordinate operations on a daily basis, often in extenuating circumstances.

During a period of unprecedented growth at the Peterborough Airport, Cindy acted as the on-site coordinator for the Major Airport Expansion Project. In this role she worked to maintain a hazard-free and secure environment through coordination with tenants and construction workers. Under her supervision, creative solutions to new problems were developed and carried out without disruption in the high levels of service provided.

Currently as the Director of Property Management, Cindy is delighted to bring her knowledge of operations and facilities experience to the role of Site Manager for the Seneca College Peterborough Airport Campus. She sets and maintains high standards and works with staff members to ensure they are performing to their highest ability. Cindy maintains an open door policy with co-workers and staff to encourage open communication and quick resolution to issues that arise.

Her strong interpersonal skills will assist her to develop open, collaborative relationships with all stakeholders at the campus and with her colleagues at the Seneca College main campus.