Emergency Exercise Mobile Simulator


Recently, The Loomex Group launched its second training simulator. The forty-four foot Jetstar fuselage’s interior is finished as a private-jet. Features of the simulator include:

  • Jet mounted on beams allowing it to be placed in any configuration as long as a loader or small crane can access the site
  • Smoke machine that allows theatre smoke both inside and outside of the fuselage for training purposes
  • Sound system that allows for communications and simulations such as white noise (e.g. jet in the air)
  • Strobes and horns for effect to challenge responders
  • Camera system inside and outside of fuselage – footage provides post exercise training to clients

Exercises Applications      Exercise Examples
Emergency Exercises Large-scale exercises that include airport staff and response agencies

  • Crash on the Airport
  • Crash off the Airport
  • On Runway
  • Off Runway
  • Incursions

Safety & Security Security exercise that involves airport staff, police and security, airlines

  • Hostage Taking
  • Active Shooter
  • Hijacking

Airport Staff or Response Agencies

Small-scale training exercise

  • Training exercises for improving skills and familiarization of response to aircraft incident

Training Training programs using fuselage as a prop

  • On-Scene Controller Training
  • Responder training for airport incident

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