Airport Services


The Loomex Group proudly offers emergency management, planning and operations experience to airports and aviation businesses.

The Loomex Team specializes in services geared towards the needs of airports. With a team consisting of pilots, airport managers, administrators and marketers, we are able to problem solve and manage any number of situations that may arise. We pride ourselves at being at the top of our game in the areas of emergency management/training, public relations, business development, communications, airport management and property maintenance.  All of which we have tailored to specifically meet the needs of airports.

We offer a number of services that can assist you in being compliant with regulations and that can help you create best practices moving forward. Whether you are looking to train your staff and emergency response team, market your airport with a new flare or even if your airport requires new management… let our experience work for you.

Airport Management & Operations Services:

  • Airport Specific Training – Human Factors in Aviation, On-Scene Controller, Accident/Incident Investigation & Scribe/Documentation During Incident
  • Emergency Exercises to meet CARS and Transport Canada regulations – Paper, small scale and large scale exercises
  • SMS Auditing
  • Plans Peer Reviews – Review, revise, implement and train
  • Aircraft Accident Recovery Experts
  • Business, Master and Marketing planning and strategy
  • Airfield Lighting Specialist- Repairs, Retrofit and Replacement

Airport Exercise Mobile Simulator



Recently, The Loomex Group launched its second training simulator. The forty-four foot Jetstar fuselage’s interior is finished as a private-jet. Features of the simulator include:

  • Jet mounted on beams allowing it to be placed in any configuration as long as a loader or small crane can access the site
  • Smoke machine that allows theatre smoke both inside and outside of the fuselage for training purposes
  • Sound system that allows for communications and simulations such as white noise (e.g. jet in the air)
  • Strobes and horns for effect to challenge responders
  • Camera system inside and outside of fuselage – footage provides post exercise training to clients

Exercises Applications      Exercise Examples
Emergency Exercises Large-scale exercises that include airport staff and response agencies

  • Crash on the Airport
  • Crash off the Airport
  • On Runway
  • Off Runway
  • Incursions

Safety & Security Security exercise that involves airport staff, police and security, airlines

  • Hostage Taking
  • Active Shooter
  • Hijacking

Airport Staff or Response Agencies

Small-scale training exercise

  • Training exercises for improving skills and familiarization of response to aircraft incident

Training Training programs using fuselage as a prop

  • On-Scene Controller Training
  • Responder training for airport incident

Contact Trent Gervais,, today to discuss how this unique training simulator could assist your team, on your site.