The Loomex Group Team Member Recognized in Northern Alberta Wildfire

Natural disasters are a very unfortunate reality for many parts of the world and sadly Northern Alberta is experiencing one right now. As many people are being forced to leave their home in the wake of the wildfire happening in Northern Alberta, we think about those who have stayed behind to aid in the response to this disaster one of whom being our employee, the Airport Manager, Luke Colatorti.

Luke joined our team late 2018 and it wasn’t long after his training, he accepted the role of Airport Manager in High Level, Alberta. Since his arrival, Luke has made a great impression representing The Loomex Group both in his role and by integrating himself into the community through joining the Municpal volunteer committee for events, as well as participating in local sports.

The Loomex Group prepares emergency response plans for municipalities and aviation based on years of airport management, fire fighting and first response experiences, little did we know that Luke would be exposed to a natural disaster of this size so soon after his arrival. We are proud of Luke and his loyalty to the High Level Community and The Loomex Group.

For more information on the wildfire and efforts taking place to control it in High Level, click here.